Digital Smart K

Digital Smart K audio power amplifier, a high-end product category, support for Digital input(I2S/TDM), anti-input interference ability and the advantages of low noise, comprehensive product series, boost voltage from 6 V ~ 10.25 V high voltage, with or without DSP, I/V sensing and other factors, to achieve full range of voltage and function coverage.

Product nameBoost TypeProtectionPackage (mm)ProtectionPackage (mm)
AW87359FCR8.5DO-Charge Pump (inductor free)3W@4.2VSKTuneFCQFN 2×2.5-16L
AW87529FCR10.5Boost5.2W@4.2VSKTuneFCQFN 2×3-20L
AW87519FCR8.5Boost4.3W@4.2VSKTuneFCQFN 2×3-20L
AW87348CSR6.05K-Chargepump (inductor free)1.75W@4.2V Multi-Level-AGCWLCSP 1.575X1.575-16B
AW87349CSR8.5DO-Chargepump (inductor free)3W@4.2VSKTuneWLCSP 2.55X2.08-18B
AW87339CSR8.5DO-Chargepump (inductor free)3W@4.2VSKTuneWLCSP 2.54X2.07-18B
AW87329CSR8.5DO-Chargepump (inductor free)3W@4.2VSKTuneWLCSP 2.54X2.07-18B
AW87319CSR8.5Boost4.1W@4.2VSKTuneWLCSP 2.36X2.76-19B